Top quality, ease of use, and modular flexibility are some of the performance features of the RotexShoe® for use in hip endoprosthetics, hip arthroscopy, and trauma surgery. The RotexShoe® is the first extension shoe with quick locks worldwide. Preventive. Innovative. Stable. Secure. That defines the RotexShoe®. The completely new design of the liner with a carbon shell is the first firmly anchored support and stabilization aid for the foot worldwide. Many years of experience and optimization processes were incorporated in the development and manufacture of the Rotex extension shoe. The highest priorities of the RotexShoe® are safety and stability.

  • A shoe that is stable and can be firmly anchored as a foot holder in hip and trauma surgery
  • Consists of an anatomically shaped inner shoe with a carbon outer shoe
  • The single-use inner shoe provides the best possible hygiene for the patient
  • Compatible with all popular operating table systems
  • Practical, easy-to-use quick locks
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the patient
  • No need for additional, elaborate padding

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