CONDOR® GoldLine

Shoulder Replacement


Ideal for the surgical treatment of arthrosis, and therefore developed for shoulder endoprosthetics and used in trauma surgery: Innovative technology and many years of experience served as the basis for the development of Condor’s GoldLine® Wound Retractor System for shoulder endoprosthetics. The result is a user-friendly solution for shoulder endoprosthetics with excellent stability and the simultaneous freedom of arm movement during the implantation of the prostheses in the joint. During the endoprosthesis implantation in the joint, retractors sometimes have to be held for an extended period of time, which requires a lot of strength. The Condor GoldLine® Wound Retractor System for shoulder endoprosthetics was designed to keep the retractors in place, even under great strain. Since the surgical site remains unchanged during the shoulder endoprosthetic procedure, the implantation of the prostheses into the patient is simplified.


  • Functionally adjusted to the implantation of prostheses during shoulder endoprosthetics
  • User-friendly thanks to quick and easy setup
  • Excellent stability
  • Complete freedom of arm movement at the joint
  • Use of existing retractors
  • Additional specialized retractors for shoulder surgery, such as Fukuda retractors
  • Anchoring of the retractors with quick locks (one-handed operation)

Additional advantages of the system during shoulder endoprosthetics for the surgeon: Thanks to Condor® ’s spherical adapters, surgical teams can continue to use their existing Hohmann bone levers. In addition, the spherical adapters have a quick lock that is designed to be opened with a lever – this saves time, makes handling easier, and also ensures the best possible individualized setting. At the same time, the spherical adapters cannot be loosened inadvertently.

With its GoldLine® Wound Retractor System, Condor® has set new standards in shoulder endoprosthetics. This additional development has great appeal due to its quick and easy setup for the best possible prosthetic implantation process. It is a successful combination of innovative technology and practical experience in the field of shoulder endoprosthetics.

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