CONDOR® GoldLine

Cardiothoracic system


The Condor GoldLine cardiothoracic system includes two individually adjustable traction devices. For sufficient stability, no great force is required when pulling the costal arches and the system is easily adjustable. The towing device is secured even under the action of force. The handles and support arms can be positioned as desired, giving you maximum freedom for minimally invasive techniques. A tissue stabilizer can easily be attached to the system using an adapter and therefore does not require a separate device. The system is attached to the operating table and is not placed on the patient with the risk of pressure points and vessel injuries.

The system can be set up from the surgeon’s side or the opposite side and you can choose between placing your hands and forearms or more freedom of movement.


  • High stability and resistance
  • Compatibility
  • Individual situs adjustment
  • User-friendly
  • Optimal situs insight
  • Flexibility in construction
  • Patient Safety

Combination with retractor

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