CONDOR® minimally-invasive Surgery



The various ENDOBOY™ models offer surgeons unlimited opportunities for application: laparoscopy, spine and neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, general surgery, etc. Serving as the surgeon’s third hand, the ENDOBOY™ positions lenses, instruments, therapeutic devices or retractors and provides maximum support even when pressure is applied. Its quick lock makes the ENDOBOY™ easy to use. The surgeon can quickly change the position of the instrument holder with one hand.


  • The instrument holder with quick lock can be completely disassembled and is suitable for all decontamination procedures.
  • The pneumatic central holder can either be sterilized or shielded with a sterile protective cover.
  • The elastic spheres – autoclavable and insulating – are suitable for all types of instruments with a diameter of up to 12.5 mm.

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