CONDOR® GoldLine

Knee Replacement


When implanting an endoprosthesis into the knee joint, flexibility is essential, and flexibility is precisely what the Condor GoldLine® Wound Retractor System provides. Surgeons also benefit from its convenient handling and significant process optimization during knee surgery. The Condor GoldLine® System for the implantation of endoprostheses into the joint offers convincing performance and functional properties during the procedure. Since the leg is frequently moved for best results during the implantation of a prosthesis, a retractor system has to adapt to this scenario, too. The easy and flexible handling of the wound retractor system takes that into account and offers even more options during endoprosthesis implantations: With the 3D configuration that is made possible by the spherical joints and an arrangement that is open to the bottom, the mobility of the leg, particularly at the joint, is in no way limited. This results in the best possible endoprosthetic fit.


  • Precise endoprosthetic implantation due to a flexible and open design
  • Complete leg mobility for the surgeon during endoprosthetic implantations
  • Spherical adapters for existing Hohmann bone levers
  • “One-handed” control with quick locks
  • No impairment when using navigation systems
  • Efficient use of personnel
  • Promotes training during endoprosthetic implantations
combined use possible with

Condor GoldLine® knee brace

The knee brace of the Condor GoldLine® portfolio optimises intraoperative leg positioning during endoprosthetics on the knee.

The re-sterilisable system can be operated by the surgeon at any time. The easy handling of the GoldLine® knee brace optimises a smooth surgical procedure. Adjustments of the leg are retained and optimize precise work. The easy adjustment mechanisms allow an intraoperative stability test.


  • Guaranteed hygiene thanks to a sterile structure which is easy to clean and sterilise
  • Reusability allows cost effectiveness
  • For a safe and stable operating area during the operation

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