CONDOR® GoldLine

Maxi System Abdominal


Expressly designed for the demands abdominal hysterectomies present, the GoldLine by Condor® Abdominal Maxi System allows the surgeon to work with high precision during this procedure. The system is also frequently used – and very successfully so – for extensive abdominal procedures such as the Wertheim-OP. Special design consideration was given to the specific requirements of these procedures: With the spherical joints, the support arms can be individually adjusted to be stable and provide accessibility. Special patented blade holders with spherical joints promote work in a tip-focused way. This allows the surgeon to make the best site adjustment possible even when faced with a difficult exposition in the pelvis minor.


  • Maximum flexibility and freedom of movement
  • Tip-focused adjustment option through patented blade holders
  • Can be combined with cold lighting – for maximum deep cavity illumination
  • Lifting of the abdominal walls/costal margin

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