CONDOR® GoldLine

Mini System Pediatric Urology


Surgical procedures, in particular those on pediatric patients, require maximum precision, and small incisions are essential during pyeloplasty or anti-reflux surgeries. The GoldLine by Condor® Pediatric Urology Set is well-suited for these procedures. The set is also easy to use with cold lighting. Even when minute incisions are required, the deep areas of the site are well illuminated. The flexibility of the Pediatric Urology Set is singularly demonstrated during pyeloplasty when the patient is in a lateral position. In this scenario, the surgical team benefits particularly from the individual lateral adjustments made possible by the spherical joints: The wound retractor system can be perfectly adjusted to the patient’s position.


  • Complete freedom of body and arm movement with the Condor spacer
  • Includes small, flexible, and bendable wound retractors
  • Spherical joints make individual lateral adjustments possible
  • Can be combined with cold lighting

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