CONDOR® GoldLine

Mini System Vaginal Hysterectomy


Sometimes, gynecological instruments serve their purpose but do not provide any added value. The Condor® Vaginal Mini Set, however, provides the best support during gynecological procedures: Only one assistant is needed. For the assistant in particular, the use of the set simplifies work tremendously: No longer do gynecological instruments have to be held. This eliminates the inconvenient posture. This product is yet another example of the surgical benefit Condor’s gynecological instruments provide: Vaginal retractors and clamps can be positioned quickly and easily with flexible blade holders; they can be configured individually and supplemented with other gynecological instruments. As a result, the gynecological surgical site can always be customized for each individual surgical scenario. Special accessories and application-specific gynecological instruments such as retractors permit the use of Condor’s Vaginal Mini Set during transvaginal sacrospinal fixations due to vaginal wall descensus.


  • Gynecological instruments can be ideally configured
  • Ultra-light, energy-saving precision adjustment of the retractors and clamps by ratchet
  • Completely sterile, hygienic design
  • Maximum mobility
  • Excellent stability
  • Great flexibility through the discretionary adjustment of the Rochard frame
  • Gynecological instruments can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Long blade holders that can be angled
  • Option to combine the Rochard System and Abdominal Set

The core elements and advantages of the basic Condor® GoldLine Wound Retractor Set are also transferable to the Mini Set Vaginal Hysterectomy, since here, too, gynecological instruments can be superbly adjusted, and freedom of movement is a given during all procedures. The modular systems are multi-functional within the field of gynecology and can be ideally configured with only a few steps. Patented blade holders ensure an optimal arrangement of additional products such as retractors and clamps – tip-focused.

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