CONDOR® GoldLine

Rochard System Upper Abdomen


The first Rochard system with ultra-light precision adjustments in upper abdominal and transplant surgeries. Maximum benefit through the ideal site adjustment for maximum therapy: Since the system is a combination of abdominal and upper abdominal system, the surgeon always has the best possible system available for every surgical step. Regardless if the system is configured for a laparotomy or, depending on the diagnosis, for the presentation of the upper abdomen: The easy-to-use spherical joints, the pulling device, and other instruments assist the surgeon with the best possible presentation of the surgical site.


  • Ideal site adjustment
  • Ultra-light, energy-saving precision adjustment of the wound retractors by ratchet
  • Completely sterile setup
  • Maximum mobility
  • Excellent stability
  • Great flexibility through the discretionary adjustment of the Rochard frame
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Long blade holders that can be angled
  • Option to combine the Rochard System and Abdominal Set

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