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Thyroid surgery

Mini system-thyroid


The Condor GoldLine® Thyroid Mini System is an ideal high-precision instrument for thyroid surgeries. Its features are: top quality, easy handling, and modular flexibility. The Thyroid Mini Set is also particularly user-friendly. With the 3D configuration that is made possible by the spherical joints, the surgeon can adjust the support arms depending on the patient’s head reclination. This and the flexibility of the wound retractors allow the surgeon to work with full access. For the “upper pole” setting that was an issue in the past, there are now specific retractors available in this set that we developed in partnership with users. Benefits


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Unimpeded supporting arm configuration with spherical joints
  • Fast handling of retractors with double-click clamp
  • Special retractors for the “upper pole”
  • Additional components for the "MIVAT" approach

Mini system derivative and thyroid (individual assembly parts)

100.060.060 ECentral holder with eccentric lock and integrated insulation1
100.440.040 KCross bar with ball1
100.170.080 KRecording1
100.050.020 DCCondor® Universal clamp "DOUBLE CLICK" with eccentric lock6
100.220.040 KHolding arm mini with ball2
132.029.030Richardson retractor, swivelling 29 mm/30 mm2
132.021.025Richardson retractor, swivelling 21 mm/25 mm1
132.015.018Richardson retractor, swivelling 15 mm/18 mm1
115.011.050Langenbeck retractor, swivelling, 11 mm/50 mm1
142.016.020Volkmann retractor, sharp, 3 prongs, swivelling 16 mm/20 mm1
144.023.028Roux retractor, swivelling 23 mm/28 mm1
144.011.017*Roux retractor, swivelling, 11 mm/17 mm1
115.006.025*Langenbeck Mini Retractor, swivelling, 6 mm/25 mm2
143.006.015*Mini retractor, blunt, swivelling, 2-prong, 6 mm/15 mm2
115.250.008 F*Condor® Optics mount flex with eccentric lock and double ball, incl. 1 joint ball of your choice1
* especially suitable for MIVAT.All items are available individually on request and can be combined in different ways, depending on requirements
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