Another award as a family-friendly company


The Condor Group is one of the "Family-friendly companies in the Paderborn district" for the fourth time in a row.

The award ceremony took place on 20.10.2023 at the Landgasthaus Lohre in Thüle, where the certificate was presented to the Condor Group by District Administrator Christoph Rüther and Eva Leschinski, Head of the OWL Competence Center for Women and Work.

Parental leave in management positions, a company kindergarten, flexible working time models, a two-shift system and sustainability are just a few of the keywords that promote the well-being of employees and increase job satisfaction. This is a goal that the Condor Group would like to continue to pursue and expand in the coming years.

The award is presented in a cooperative alliance of the OWL Women and Career Competence Center, the Paderborn district, the East Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the East Westphalia-Lippe Chamber of Commerce in Bielefeld.

Ira Fecke-Schulte (Managing Director) and Anja Meermeyer (HR Officer) at the handover ceremony.

Eva Leschinski (Head of the Competence Center Women and Career), Anja Meermeyer (HR Officer), Ira Fecke-Schulte (Managing Director) and Christoph Rüther (District Administrator Paderborn), at the handover ceremony.

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