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For orthopaedic surgeons and trauma surgeons

Condor® Extension system (ES)

For orthopaedic surgeons and trauma surgeons

Condor® Extension system (ES)

Process-optimised surgery

The Condor® ES converts any basic operating table into an extension table safely, easily and cost-effectively. The professional workmanship of the ES as well as high-grade materials guarantee first-class quality. In particular, the use of carbon enables intraoperative X-ray control. The standard leg plates can be replaced with the lightweight, flexible ES in just a few steps.

The ES is the optimal complement to the Condor RotexTable®.

System components at a glance

X-ray freedom in orthopaedics and spine surgery extended

New possibilities with the extended positioning options for the ES-Extenions attachment system from Condor. The extended carbon plate enables ideal imaging, especially in pelvic surgery. Since the ES is attached to the OR base table, you save high investment costs for a pure OR carbon table, have more options in the use of the system, more freedom in planning the OR tables as well as a space saving for storing the components.

You also have more options in the area of the leg plates, which can now also be folded down before or during the operation, thus allowing more freedom of movement for the operating team or operating equipment. In the case of very large or very small patients, the new distance adapter helps you to optimise positioning.

Picture product drawing

The transport trolley
Store all system components of the
Condor® ES system in one place to save space.


  • Can be used with all basic operating tables
  • Optimal imaging of the pelvis thanks to
  • Attachable carbon top
  • Reduction of investment costs by using a simple clip-on mechanism according to your requirements on the basic operating table
  • Good overview of the system in the storage trolley
  • Patient weight up to 220 kg
  • Easy handling for only one person
  • Integrated traction device simplifies storage options
  • Removing the leg plates is optional.
  • To make work easier, leg plates can remain on the operating table during the operation.
  • Reduction of operating theatre changeover times
Picture product drawing

Overview Condor® ES
Various clip-on bars are available for all common operating tables.

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