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Mini System Vaginal Hysterectomy


Mini System Vaginal Hysterectomy

Mini system

Sometimes, gynecological instruments serve their purpose but do not provide any added value. The Condor® Vaginal Mini Set, however, provides the best support during gynecological procedures: Only one assistant is needed. For the assistant in particular, the use of the set simplifies work tremendously: No longer do gynecological instruments have to be held. This eliminates the inconvenient posture. This product is yet another example of the surgical benefit Condor’s gynecological instruments provide: Vaginal retractors and clamps can be positioned quickly and easily with flexible blade holders; they can be configured individually and supplemented with other gynecological instruments. As a result, the gynecological surgical site can always be customized for each individual surgical scenario. Special accessories and application-specific gynecological instruments such as retractors permit the use of Condor’s Vaginal Mini Set during transvaginal sacrospinal fixations due to vaginal wall descensus.


  •  Gynecological instruments can be ideally configured
  • Ultra-light, energy-saving precision adjustment of the retractors and clamps by ratchet
  • Completely sterile, hygienic Setup
  • Maximum mobility
  • Excellent stability
  • Great flexibility through the discretionary adjustment of the Rochard frame
  • Gynecological instruments can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Long blade holders that can be angled
  • Option to combine the Rochard System and Abdominal Set

The core elements and advantages of the retractor basic set Condor GoldLine® can be transferred to the Mini Set Vaginal Hysterectomy, because here, too, gynecological instruments can be excellently adjusted thanks to the unique ball elements and freedom of movement is ensured during all procedures. The modularly assembled systems can be used multifunctionally within gynecology and can be brought into the perfect position in just a few steps. Patented blade holders ensure optimal adjustment of other products such as retractors and clamps - tip-orientated.

Mini-system vaginal hysterectomy (individual assembly parts)

100.060.060 ECentral holder with eccentric lock and integrated insulation1
100.440.040 KCross bar with ball1
100.170.080 KRecording1
100.050.020 ESCondor  Universal clamp "SOFT" with eccentric lock4
100.220.040 KHolding arm mini with ball2
115.200.008Blade holder with cap screw2
115.200.008 EBlade holder with ball joint, eccentric lock and cap screw2
130.025.090 BBreisky retractor, blade 25mm/90 mm2
130.025.110 BBreisky retractor, blade 25 mm/110 mm2
130.025.130 BBreisky retractor, blade 25 mm/130 mm1
130.035.050 BBreisky retractor, blade 35 mm/50 mm1
130.035.090 BBreisky retractor, blade 35 mm/90 mm1
130.035.110 BBreisky retractor, blade 35 mm/110 mm1
Addition: Gyn adapter1
115.011.054Adapter to accommodate the existing specula1
The Gyn Adapter from Condor is available to complement the Mini Set. It can be used to attach vaginal specula and thus continue to use the specula available in your home. The Gyn-Adapter proves to be a useful extension of the Mini-Set, as with the purchase of this small adapter, existing equipment can be used.
All items are available individually on request and can be combined in different ways, depending on requirements
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