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Upper abdominal and
Transplantation surgery

Rochard system upper abdomen

Upper abdominal and
Transplantation surgery

Rochard system upper abdomen

Rochard system

The first Rochard system with ultra-light precision adjustments in upper abdominal and transplant surgeries. The quick and easy setup above the patient’s shoulders ensures full mobility and an excellent view of the surgical site. With the help of the unique pulling device (ratchet), the surgeon can lift or retract the costal margin smoothly and with little effort.

Safe and stable working can be ensured even in emergency situations with 2 persons.


  • Ideal site adjustment
  • Ultra-light, energy-saving precision adjustment of the wound retractors by ratchet
  • Completely sterile setup
  • Maximum mobility
  • Excellent stability
  • Great flexibility through the discretionary adjustment of the Rochard frame
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Long blade holders that can be angled
  • Option to combine the Rochard System and Abdominal Set

Rochard system upper abdomen (individual assembly parts)

100.060.060 ELCentral holder with eccentric lock and integrated insulation,
incl. 2 clamps
100.050.020 ESCondor® Universal clamp "Soft" with eccentric lock4
100.800.012Rochard bracket 90° (two-piece)1
115.200.008 OTLeaf holder with ball lock and toggle opening2
100.025.140Spacer for mounting in conjunction with a radial clamp2
140.260.400Traction device2
115.400.008 WBlade holder with locking angle adjustment2
114,060,085 UAAbdominal wall hook, upper abdomen 60 mm/85 mm2
114,078,065 UAAbdominal wall hook, upper abdomen 78 mm/65 mm2
113.050.160 BRetractor, blade, flexible, 50 mm/160 mm1
115.050.150 BLangenbeck retractor, blade, 50 mm/150 mm1
130.025.150 BBreisky retractor, blade, 25 mm/150 mm1
All items are available individually on request and can be combined in different ways, depending on requirements
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