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Abdominal system

The GoldLine by Condor® Maxi System Abdominal allows the surgeon to work with high precision in abdominal and retroperitoneal urological procedures such as cystectomies, radical prostatectomies, nephrectomies, and kidney transplants. Top quality, easy handling, and modular flexibility are some of the performance features of the Abdominal Set. Flexible and three-dimensional site adjustments can be made in seconds during all urological procedures. To meet the special situs adjustment demands during urological procedures, Condor offers specific retractors.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Perfectly tailored to urological procedures
  • Independent lifting of the abdominal walls with spherical joints
  • Tip-focused working with patented blade holders
  • Stable and unimpeded configuration even with the patient in a lateral position
  • Special bladder retractors
  • For use in obesity surgery

Maxi-System-Abdominal [Uro] (individual assembly parts)

100.060.060 ECentral holder with eccentric lock and integrated insulation1
100.440.040 KCross bar with ball1
100.170.080 KRecording1
100.050.020 ESCondor  Universal clamp "SOFT" with eccentric lock6
100.480.040 KHolding arm Maxi with ball2
115.200.008Blade holder with cap screw2
115.200.008 EBlade holder with ball joint, eccentric lock and cap screw1
114.078.065Kirschner abdominal ceiling bracket, swivelling 78 mm/65 mm2
114.060.085Kirschner abdominal ceiling bracket, swivelling 60 mm/85 mm2
131.090.140 BRetractor, blade, adjustable 90 mm/140 mm1
130.025.150 BBreisky retractor, blade 25 mm/150 mm1
115.050.150 BLangenbeck retractor, blade, 50 mm/150 mm1
113.050.160 BRetractor, blade, flexible 50 mm/160 mm1
113.075.160 BRetractor, blade, flexible 75 mm/160 mm1
121.080.150 BBubble retractor, flexible, blade, 80 mm/150 mm1
116.050.150 BDeaver retractor, blade, 50 mm/150 mm1
All items are available individually on request and can be combined in different ways, depending on requirements
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