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Minimally invasive surgery

Condor® Goldline

Minimally invasive surgery

Laparoscopic liver retractor

For a constant, gentle lifting of the liver

The laparoscopic retractor is used for the consistent retraction of the liver. This is the ideal initial condition for a motionless site and a successful surgery. The new Condor liver retractor is a perfect addition to the Condor GoldLine® product portfolio. With this product, too, the impressive modular design is paramount, allowing existing sets to be expanded. The system is attached to the operating table under sterile conditions. The unique 3D spherical image permits the individualized setting of the retractor based on the patient’s anatomical conditions. The laparoscopic retractor is especially designed for the retraction of the liver during laparoscopic procedures in the upper abdomen. At the same time, the continuous retraction of the liver also protects the liver from the remaining surgical site and procedure.


  • Fast setup and disassembly
  • Unimpeded view due to the matte surface finish
  • Motionless surgical field -> work efficiently
  • Continuous retraction
  • The Condor GoldLine® modular design
  • 3D spherical image for individualized settings

Laparoscopic liver retractor (individual assembly parts)

100.060.060 ECentral holder with eccentric lock and integrated insulation1
100.020.045Clamp adjustment1
100.500.020 KSingle recording1
100.091.212Laparoscopic Liver Retractor, 91mm x 212mm1
100.062.175Laparoscopic liver retractor, 62mm x 175mm1
All items are available individually on request and can be combined in different ways, depending on requirements
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