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Radiolucent Upper arm support

Upper arm support

Radiolucent Upper arm support

Upper arm support

For safe Upper arm support

The upper arm support Condor® offers the possibility to safely support the patient's upper arm. The correct arm positioning in 3-axes enables a perfect alignment of the arm due to the stepless height adjustment, the stepless lateral shift on the operating table and the stepless lateral shift on the spacer, so that the patient can be treated in the best possible way. Particularly in complex surgical operations, regular monitoring of the individual steps is necessary to ensure that the operation, and thus the patient's recovery, is proceeding exactly according to plan. X-ray images provide a remedy for this, but are difficult to obtain due to supports that are not radiolucent. Our Condor ® upper arm support addresses precisely this issue through our carbon rod and facilitates constant self-monitoring for surgeons, where individual settings can be made to achieve an optimal X-ray image.


  • Ideal adjustment of the arm, > 90° bending possible

  • Support during reduction

  • X-ray-free

  • No interfering structures within the movement radius of the X-ray unit

  • Freedom of movement for the surgeon

Upper arm support OTZ.0007.2021 consisting of

RO.0068.2013Cushion roll1
OTZ.0005.2023Elbow support1
OTZ.0001.2023Upper arm support, straight1
OTZ.0002.2023Upper arm support, curved1
OTZ.0003.2023Upper arm support, curved, small1
RO.0002.2013Segment support1
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